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The 3 phase analyser with Laboratory grade accuracy

3 phase poewr analyser

In industries where it is vital that power is monitored to ensure quality, such as the National Grid Network and Power Industry including Nuclear Power Generators, the Guildline 7220 sets the benchmark for Power Analysers.

The 7220 3-phase power analyser provides laboratory grade accuracy with all three phases and the neutral line with data being automatically and simultaneously measured through eight digital channels.
The 7220 incorporates the most technologically advanced design for testing stationary and quasi-stationary waveforms on the market today!

The unique design allows a single period of a non-synchronous, quasi-stationary signal to be measured with power uncertainties ≤100ppm. This is a breakthrough in power measurements as no other commercially available power analyser can provide a low uncertainty measurement for a single period of a noisy signal.

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