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Helicopter Air Data Test Set
MPS43H D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Digital Tachometer Tester
BCE14/15 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Vacuum pump for Pitot Static kit
DMAKV2 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Portable Pressure Generation System
EPS1 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Independent battery pack
EPU6 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Remote control for Pitot Static bench
MPSRE2 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
Digital 3 Axis Tilt Table
MTG7 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
MPS46 – Laboratory Air Data Test Sets
MPS46 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
MPS56 – Laboratory Air Data Test Set
MPS56 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
STATIC PITOT KIT D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)
MPS45 – Multi Output Pitot Static Test Set
MPS45 D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


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