Our range of resistance measurement instruments include automated resistance measurement systems, resistance standards and decade boxes, all providing precision measurement from Guildline Instruments. Resistance measurement instruments support a wide range of industries and applications. Should you require any assistance in selecting the best resistance measurement instrument for your requirements, please get in touch.


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Resistance Standards, Modular Series
6634a Guildline Instruments
Quantum Hall Resistance Bridge
6640Q Guildline Instruments
Oil Based Resistance Standards
7330 Series Guildline Instruments
Resistance and Current Measurement System
6625A Guildline Instruments
Quantum Hall Resistance Bridge
6622A – QHRD Guildline Instruments
High / Ultra-high Resistance Scanner
6564 Guildline Instruments
Digital TeraOhmmeter
6520 Guildline Instruments
Resistance transfer standards
SR1050 Guildline Instruments
Decade Box – High Accuracy
9340 Guildline Instruments


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