Absolute Mode, High-sensitivity Dynamic Pressure Sensor

8530C3 Endevco


  • 15, 50 and 100 psig ranges
  • Absolute reference
  • 225 mV full scale


8530C has been used successfully in many blast test situations. For this application, a protective coating is recommended to eliminate photoflash sensitivity and provide particle impingement protection. This coating does not degrade the superior dynamic response characteristics of the sensor.


More info on the 8530C3

Model 8530C is a miniature, high sensitivity piezoresistive pressure transducer for measuring absolute pressure. The volume behind the diaphragm is evacuated and glass sealed to provide an absolute pressure reference. Full scale output is 225 mV with high overload capability and high frequency response. It is available in ranges from 15 psia to 100 psia. 8530B is available for higher pressure ranges.

Endevco pressure transducers feature a four-arm strain gage bridge ion implanted into a unique sculptured silicon diaphragm for maximum sensitivity and wideband frequency response. Self-contained hybrid temperature compensation provides stable performance over the temperature range of 0°F to 200°F (-18°C to +93°C). Endevco transducers also feature excellent linearity (even to 3X range), high shock resistance, and high stability during temperature transients.

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