Pressure Scanner with Intelligent Ethernet Connection

Digital DSA3218 pressure scanner Integrated in reinforced case

Scanner Scanivalve


  • Ethernet Pressure Scanner in Ruggedised casing
  • Heating / Cooling options available
  • Speed to 500Hz/Channel
  • 5”H20 to 750psi range
  • Up to 0.05%FS accuracy


  • Ethernet Pressure Scanner with intelligent connection, DSA3218 is the bigger brother of the DSA3217, but designed to operate in harsher environments such as climatic chambers, gas turbine fan cases and turbine test cells. The DSA3218 offers a simple cost efficient upgrade and the same performance and reliability as the DSA3217.


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Versatile, all in-one data intelligent pressure scanner

Each ethernet intelligent pressure scanner (DSA3217/3218) is built on a pressure sensor per measurement channel architecture.

Every pressure sensor is uniquely calibrated over a wide temperature range. All data acquisition, data conversion and communications tasks are handled by the integrated A/D converters and processor. This combination provides easy setup, simple operation and long term reliability.
In addition to the electronics, internal calibration valves are included to provide maximum functionality. The valves allow for several logic states including measurement, isolate, calibrate and purge. In the calibration configuration, either a known pressure can be applied for a span verification/ correction, or the sensors can each be pneumatically shorted together allowing for a quick zero offset calibration. This zero offset calibration feature, in conjunction with the sensor’s natural stability and repeatability combine to provide maximum long term accuracy.
Once processed, the DSA intelligent ethernet pressure scanner, outputs the data in either ASCII or Binary format over the Ethernet network TCP/IP or UDP. The DSA can be setup and all configuration variables can be set over the same Ethernet connection.
The result of the DSA’s careful design is a complete package that makes multi-point pressure acquisition tasks simple. The DSA’s functionality and flexibility make it an excellent fit for a wide range of applications.

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