Pressure Scanner

Pressure scanner DSA3207 / 3307 all liquids

SCANNER Scanivalve


  • Absolute / Gauge or True Differential Measurement
  • Digital pressure scanner with up to 16 different liquids and 8 different ranges on one scanner
  • Interchangeable sensor packs
  • Pressure ranges from 0 to 150mbar to 0 to 100 Bar
  • Fully temperature corrected direct engineering data output


  • DSA3207 digital sensor array is able to measure in either absolute or gauge mode with up to 16 channels. DSA3307 is the world’s only direct output true differential pressure scanner and can measure very low differentials at high resolution. Both scanners offer direct pressure output over Ethernet and are field expandable.


Turbine Testing / Flow / Level Measurement


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Liquid Digital Sensor Array

The DSA3200/3300 series pressure acquisition systems represent the next generation of multi-point electronic pressure scanning. If liquid reference measurements (wet/wet) are required, Scanivalve’s DSA3307 is an excellent option.

Model DSA3207/3307 Digital Sensor Array, incorporates 2 to 16 temperature compensated media isolated piezoresistive pressure sensors for greater pressure mapping. Each DSA module also contains RAM, a 16 bit A/D converter, and a microprocessor using VX Works real time operating system, in a compact self-contained module. The result is a network ready intelligent pressure scanning module for “all media” service. The microprocessor compensates for environmental temperature changes and performs engineering unit conversion for greater accuracy in pressure mapping. Pressure data are output in engineering units via Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol.

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