Pressure scanning module

Pressure Scanning Module

ZOC 33 Scanivalve


  • Ranges 10”H20 to 3.5 Bar
  • Accuracy to 0.08%FS
  • Cost effective solution
  • Field expandable with ERAD 4000 System to 2048 channels
  • Valveless version available


  • Pressure scanning module, the ZOC 33 has been field proven for over 20 years as a defacto standard in many wind tunnel testing facilities. It is a very high reliability instrument, delivering high channel count capability at a cost effective price.


Wind Tunnel Testing / Flight Test


More info on the ZOC 33

Pressure scanning module

The model ZOC33 electronic pressure scanning module is extremely compact and accepts up to 64 pneumatic inputs and converts them to high level electronic signals.

Each ZOC33 module incorporates 64 individual silicon pressure sensors, calibration valving, a high speed multiplexer (50kHz), and an instrumentation amplifier. An integral "duplexing" valve is available to allow the ZOC33's 64 sensors to service up to 128 input pressures.
The integral calibration valve has 4 modes of operation: operate, calibrate, purge, and leak test. Each group of 8 pressure sensors has its own calibration valving and multiplexer which allows the ZOC33 module to incorporate multiple pressure ranges and easy sensor replacement. This calibration valve allows the ZOC sensors to be automatically calibrated on-line.
The ZOC33's extremely compact design (approximately .1 cu. in. per channel) permits installation within the very confined spaces typically available in wind tunnel models.
Three versions are available: ZOC33/64Px - 64 Px inputs each with its own dedicated sensors.
ZOC33/64PxX2 - 128 Px inputs duplexed* between 64 sensors.
ZOC33/64Px - Valveless (no calibration valve).

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