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RS9010A-X Very Stable Resistance Standards

Resistance Measurement wekomm


  • Mechanically robust and stable
  • No special requirements for operation temperatures
  • No oil bath required
  • Long term stability better 1ppm / year
  • Low impacted from temperature hysteresis
  • Custom resistance values on special order


  • The resistance standards series RS9010-X are highly stable, ultra precise resistance elements who retain their outstanding performance even in rough environments. Specifically made and selected precision resistance cells form the foundation of our standards. A highly engineered fixation and carefully selected insulation materials make sure, that our resistors withstand mechanical stress and keep their electrical values throughout the years. The massive aluminum case warrants the ruggedness of the components and provides excellent shielding when guarding comes into play. Specific manufacturing processes help thermal buffering capabilities so that short term temperature changes have no effect on the actual measurement. In addition, our resistance elements are extremely stable over a temperature range from 20°C to 30°C. This warrants a trouble free operation even outside standard cal lab environments.


• Transfer Standards
• Working Standards
• Reference Resistors
• Calibration


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