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Voltage Source

Voltage Source VS2010A

Current wekomm


  • Extremely stable and noise free voltage reference
  • Programmable between -10V and +10V
  • Linearity error is kept below 1 µV/V
  • SCPI interface available via USB


  • Some measurements within the precision metrology field require an extremely stable and noise free voltage reference. The wekomm VS2010A voltage source is the very instrument for such applications. This instrument supplies an extremely stable and extremely low noise DC Voltage, programmable between -10V and +10V. All voltage settings have an effective resolution of 10 µV, so in respect to the full range of 10V the VS2010A provides an effective resolution of 1ppm or 1 µV/V. Due to the use of a very high-quality DAC and an excellent reference source, the linearity error is kept below 1 µV/V. For greater precision, the instrument can be adjusted for every 1V Volt step so minimize this error even further. A high precision reference source with proven layout and components makes the base for an instrument providing best of its class performance. The VS2010 features stability and precision of voltage output which is unrivalled by the best calibrators on the market. This makes the VS2010 an affordable and cost-effective solution where a precise voltage source is needed.

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