New Financial Controller Appointed

Here at Evolution Measurement, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Humphreys to the position of Financial Controller. Simon is well qualified and comes to us from a very strong background of financial management at the corporate level in the engineering arena so brings with him a wealth of experience. Simon will be […]

Aerodynamic Pressure Scanning – On-car Measurement

It is a very slim margin between a race winning car and second place. Any race engineer in the pitlane will tell you that the difference is tiny and the most important consideration for advantage often lies in Aerodynamics. The skill in gaining downforce for corner performance with minimal cost in drag, the straight-line speed […]

Flow Visualisation System Optimises Testing for Improved Performance

The streamwise ProCap 3D is a software based tool used in aerodynamics to visualize the flow field of air over an object in real-time. By using computer simulation and graphics, ProCAP 3D allows aerodynamicists to visualize the flow patterns and identify areas where the flow is turbulent, separated, or otherwise not optimal. This information can […]

Developing Sustainable Aviation

The partnership between Evolution Measurement’s EvoScann® and the EU’s Clean Sky 2 project has led to significant advancements in the EvoScann® range of pressure scanners, which will help to produce a major milestone in the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft. The 10 channel true-differential pressure scanner, with its separate, strategically located  barometric […]

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