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We are proud to partner in Albania, Austria,Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia, Sweden Switzerland and the UK.

Guildline Instruments has been the premier supplier of Metrology based electrical instruments, measurement systems and standards to the world’s national laboratories since 1957.

Guildline manufactures a broad range of metrological instrumentation including: Quantum Hall Systems, Resistance and Thermometry Bridges, Teraohmmeters, Ultra-Stable DC High Current Sources, the world’s best DC Current Shunts, DC Voltage Dividers/References, Resistance Standards (both DC and AC), Power Analyzers, Wide Frequency AC Current Shunts, Transconductance Amplifiers, Fluid/Oil Baths, Air Baths, and the most advanced Automated Measurement Systems with a broad range of accessory products. Guildline also builds the world’s best salinometers! Their calibration laboratory provides some of the best uncertainties commercially available and is ISO 17025 accredited.


Guildline’s instruments provide our customers with the widest range, best accuracies, and best uncertainties of any manufacturer. For resistance, our products measure the range from a µΩ to 10 PΩ (i.e. 10E-6 to 10E+16 ohm). For current, the range of operation is a 100 fA to 10,000 A (i.e. 10E-10 to 10E4 amperes). And for voltage, the range is nV to 1000V (i.e. 10E-9 to 10E3 volt). For temperature, Guildline’s products measure the range from -200 ºC to over 1000 ºC with accuracy and stability to 0.005 ºmK (i.e. 10E-6 ºC range). Typically our instruments measure in the sub parts-per-million (ppm) or parts-per-million range.

Our close partnership ensures we produce a solution which perfectly fits our customer’s requirements – everytime.

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