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Providing a New Approach to Measurement Solutions.

Evolution Measurement offers a range of measurement instruments and accessories.

We have a close working partnership with our Principals who have been selected for their world class, quality instruments.

CCX Technologies

Design and manufacture a line of avionics radio and pulse test tablets used by aircraft maintainers; they streamline the testing process, saving maintenance shops time and money.

D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)

DMA designs and manufactures test systems for avionics, such as: RVSM-compatible Pitot-Static systems and benches, Pitot-Static adapters and complete kits in suitcases, test systems for mobile airfoils, tachometer test benches, reference standard absolute pressure, automated 3-axis tilt table.


Developing and manufacturing a range of precision, miniature pressure scanners for use in aerodynamic applications where space is at a premium.


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