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Developing Cleaner, Greener Skies

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Urban Air Mobility is the latest industry to harness the power of aerodynamics to create efficient and sustainable aircraft.

Whilst the technology has been around for some time, industry is focussing on sustainability and this means producing the most energy efficient aircraft possible considering both powertrain and aerodynamic efficiency for drag reduction.

EvoScann® miniature pressure scanners are a perfect fit for this type of aircraft testing. Small and compact, they can be built to fit into a wing section or placed around the body of the aircraft to achieve measurements from previously unreachable areas.

Digital data is then transmitted in direct engineering units, so aerodynamicists can see where improvements can be achieved.

On-vehicle pressure scanning is used in a wide range of industries and is particularly popular in motorsports as it verifies the calculations made in CFD simulation and wind tunnel testing has been transferred to real world experiences.

Combining the pressure scanners with flow probes, provides greater data which gives detailed insight into how the air flow react with aircraft on take-off or landing, when the power consumption is at a maximum.

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