Digital Temperature Scanner withstands the Noise and the Heat

The DTS4050 Digital Temperature Scanner from Scanivalve is ideal for use in turbine engine, diesel engine, and compressor test cells, as well as multiple industrial environments such as boiler and oven temperature mapping and critical process monitoring.

The DTS4050’s electronics were specifically designed to endure punishing high EMI noise environments while still being able to provide accurate engineering data. The rugged, stainless steel enclosure has a lid for input terminal access, offering 16, 32 or 64  thermocouple inputs, whilst being insulated and splash resistant.

The DTS offers class leading levels of input noise rejection, channel to channel isolation and mains power noise rejection. It provides direct, high accuracy cold junction compensation, variable data rates and full data alignment.

Included as standard in the DTS4050 are environmental shock mounts which allow the universal thermocouple scanner to be mounted in close proximity to the test article, thus minimizing thermocouple wire lengths. Shorter thermocouple wires not only reduce errors, but also lower costs due to the elimination of extension cables.

Field calibrations can be used to modify coefficients which can also improve end to end accuracy. The standard DTS4050 module accepts two wire or three wire shielded thermocouples

The DTS Temperature Scanner is available to order from Evolution Measurement’s experienced team of engineering professionals.

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