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Electric Vehicle Automotive Aerodynamic On-Car Pressure Scanning

Our latest Application note covers the importance of aerodynamic on-car testing in the Electric Vehicle industry.

“A key factor in determining the performance and distance capability of a new EV road car is in understanding its aerodynamic performance. This has a huge effect on its vehicle dynamics and ultimately on its “All Electric Range” that can be achieved with a single charge.

The main applications can be split in vehicle aerodynamics, where you assess the drag or wind resistance of the car, and vehicle aerothermal, where you work to ensure that batteries and motors are always within their optimal operating window.

Vehicle drag is a significant factor in determining the performance and distance that a car can travel. Any resistance to the car moving through the air in the most efficient way directly impacts the mileage that can be achieved by the car in addition to creating turbulence, buffeting, noise and harshness in the driving experience.

Constrained by the increasingly restrictive rules of country-specific approvals, the skill of the Aerodynamicist in seeking performance advantage leads to the need for more accurate measurement and analysis – and in doing this better than the next company. Innovation and experimentation are at their peak in a fast-changing and highly competitive market-place where the consumer expects rapid development and product evolution. The best aerodynamicists are much prized and respected”


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