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Evolution Measurement attends NPL Temperature and Humidity Exhibition

Temperature measurement

Evolution Measurement will be attending the NPL Temperature and Humidity Measurement Training programme which will be held 22 & 24 May at NPL in Teddington.

An exhibition which runs alongside the Temperature Measurement and Calibration training course will allow delegates to see our product range and see some exciting new technology.

Our experienced team will be on hand to offer advice and solutions to measurement challenges along with demonstrating  a number of exciting instruments.

The 6640T Temperature Bridge will be available to see in detail. It offers incredible accuracy of ±15ppb and switching units with standby currents from 1mA across entire SPRT operating range and linearity: ± 0.01 ppm of full scale.

Also on display will be the 3210 temperature auto switch, with low noise, low thermal contact, high isolation interface switch and connection panels that allow multiple PRTs, SPRT’s or other temperature devices to be easily connected to a measurement device such as Guildline’s 6640T or 6622T Temperature Bridge.

Guildline Instruments also build precision decade resistance boxes, the 9340 series is the most versatile and accurate resistance standard boxes commercially  available and will also be available at the NPL exhibition.

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Evolution Measurement are leaders in measurement solutions. With a product range covering temperature, electrical and pressure measurement and a team of highly experienced product specialists dedicated to supporting our customers.

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