3 September 2018

Evolving into France

Evolution Measurement Ltd are delighted to advise the launch of our sister company, EvoMesure SAS in Montpellier, France, operational from today.

The new company has been appointed as exclusive distributor for France and Belgium for Scanivalve Corporation and Guildline Instruments have appointed the company exclusively for France.

EvoMesure will also take responsibility for the region for Evolution Measurement’s EvoScann® pressure scanner range.

Jean-Paul Nguyen, General Manager will head up the company which will be fully supported from Evolution Measurement. Jean-Paul is well known and has vast experience both with the high-end metrology market and key market segments including aerospace, automotive, defence, energy and metrology laboratories so is well placed to drive EvoMesure.

The Company will be based from new offices in the Castries Industrial area of Montpellier, so well geographically located to support these critical market segments.

We will support our customers with expertise to ensure that we add value and help to optimise their measurement needs, with expert service, from a strong and unique knowledge base.

Further details, along with The Company’s new website will be published in due course, meantime, please make all enquiries to [email protected] or contact us at +33 (0) 4 67 99 42 19, or +33 (0) 7 82 79 66 16.


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