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We are delighted to introduce the rEVOLUTIONary EvoScann® P64-D, a compact 64 channel pressure scanner.

For full details on the P64-D Download the full technical data sheet here


EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanners provides high accuracy pressure scanning in a compact, rugged package to meet the most demanding requirements.


  • Smallest and lightest pressure scanners available
  • High accuracy multi-channel pressure measurement
  • Absolute & True Differential versions
  • Lightweight carbon fibre reinforced construction
  • Integral microprocessor
  • Direct digital output
  • EtherCAT / CANbus output
  • Comprehensive range of industry-standard installation accessories
  • Wide range of aerodynamic applications

Revolutionising Pressure Scanning

EvoScann® P-Series are highly-miniaturised pressure scanners designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of the aerodynamic testing industry where development is rapid and continuous. Utilising the latest in miniature scanner technology, P-Series is at the forefront of pressure measurement in challenging aerodynamic locations. The P-Series has been designed, from the start, with physical size, weight, accuracy and functionality in-mind and is available in a variety of configurations.

In many aerodynamic testing applications, weight and size limits the ability to measure in difficult locations. Weighing in at <15g and with compact dimensions, the EvoScann® P-Series can be located within the tightest of spaces where rapid pressure mapping is needed, enabling aerodynamicists and engineers to quickly gather valuable data that has never been easy to access before. Measurement without compromise.

Using the latest high-speed data communications technology, EvoScann® P-Series is a pressure measurement and engineering unit converter in one package. With no requirement for a remote converter or other hardware, the EvoScann® P-Series transmits accurate, fast data, in engineering units, directly to the test article’s central processing unit. Using a single cable to provide the power and transmit the data and with a choice of industry-standard connectors, the EvoScann® P-Series scanner is ready to plug-and-play, producing high- speed synchronous data within seconds of connection.

EvoScann® P-Series is designed to be insignificantly light, has integral impact and splash-protection and can be fitted into the smallest of aerofoil or aerodynamic profiles with minimal external influences. A high maximum operating temperature means that even use in proximity to hot vehicle parts is possible, extending measurement to the most critical areas.

High-performance piezo-resistive pressure sensors ensure the highest accuracy and measurement of a complete aero section in one compact device. EvoScann® P-Series scanners can be supplied in Absolute or calculated Differential modes across a wide selection of pressure ranges, including custom ranges. Integrated temperature sensors provide useful data, but also apply temperature correction to every pressure sensor, at source, to ensure optimal performance and minimal ambient temperature effects.

Complementing the sensor is the widest range of pressure scanner accessories. Tubulations, tubing and tools help the user integrate EvoScann® P-Series quickly and effectively into the test article, enabling measurement and data acquisition to start quickly, making efficient use of expensive testing time and resources.


Discover how EvoScann improves on-car pressure scanning, read the application note here

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Technical Specification

To download the datasheets for each EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanner, click the name below:

EvoScann® P8-A

EvoScann® P8-D

EvoScann® P16-A

EvoScann® P64-D

Pressure Scanner Accessories

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