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Intelligent Environment Monitor Sets New Benchmark in Environmental Testing

Environment monitor

A new environment monitor from leading German measurement instrument manufacturer wekomm, has launched which incorporates intelligent sensors that can measure virtually all possible laboratory specific parameters.

The EM5010A environment monitor is unique, offering truly versatile and long-term accuracy, through monitoring, surveyance and recording of a wide range of data.

A perfect instrument for monitoring all kinds of environmental data, such as temperature, ambient air pressure, humidity, particulate matters, VOC (volatile organic components), NOx, CO, CO2, strain, height, etc, the EM5010A environment monitor is perfect for monitoring all slow changing values which are, in many cases, mission critical for many applications.

Guido Weckwerth, CEO of Wekomm enthused, “Whilst the EM5010A’s intelligent sensors offer a vast range of measurement parameters, the sensors have built-in movement detectors which allows you to identify the most likely cause for your values to change. For example discovering if a surge in temperature could have been caused by somebody touching the sensor for just a matter of seconds, this enables the user to focus on the real changes in measurements which are affecting the environment.”

Guido added, “Furthermore, the EM5010A environment monitor supports sensors with digital inputs to monitor all sorts of external influences, so you can easily see, if someone switched on a light, opened a door or even see when the AC was working. These digital inputs are equally recorded as the analogue values to give you the best possible view of what exactly happened at every time.”

Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director of Evolution Measurement added, “The EM5010A is a really exciting instrument. The level of data measured and stored through the intelligent sensors is truly incredible and will suit a wide range of applications where it is important to maintain environment levels for temperature, pressure, humidity, particulate matters and much more.”

Paul added, “It’s packed with really useful features such as the unique surveillance function, which notifies users when a monitored value exceeds its allowed limits. This can be through an email notification and or a warning sign display, ensuring you never miss any violation of limits. In addition, external devices can be controlled via relay contacts which makes the device not only an environment monitor but a complete functional control station as well.”


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