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Measurement Key to Productivity

The phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ is never truer than to anyone working with measurements. Without fast, accurate data, engineers are left with the arduous task of putting together a system to meet their own specific requirements.

Measurement specialist, Evolution Measurement, has a team of experienced engineers who specialise in creating bespoke, fully automated measurement solutions based around instrument test, measurement, calibration and characterisation requirements.

Their focus is to understand the data requirements of the company in order to design and implement a system which will deliver measurements quickly and accurately. They can then develop this in order to provide high-efficiency, ultra-accurate systems that deliver high-value precise data to users and have even been shown to improve performance through closer detailed understanding of instrument behaviour. The team can increase throughput, measurement performance, data integrity and overall customer experience.

Based in Andover, UK, Evolution Measurement have worked with many big industry names, delivering measurement systems which have increased productivity, efficiency and ultimately profit.

Evolution Measurement Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, “Whilst we offer a range of turn key solutions, our real expertise lies in understanding the measurement challenges of our customers and creating a solution which meets their requirements. “

Paul added, “We not only support our customers through consultation, design and implementation, but also provide aftersales support to ensure the operators, and therefore the company, are utilising the system to achieve maximum efficiency.”

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