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New Miniature Analogue Pressure Scanner Launched

Miniaiture analogue pressure scanner

Scanivalve’s continuous development for smaller, more accurate pressure scanners introduces a new scanner to the MPS4000 family – the MPS4164 Miniature Analogue Pressure Scanner.

The MPS4164 is similar to the MPS4264 in many ways; small form factor, same valve design and configurations, ultra-stable pressure sensors, and the option to be installed in a MPSTCU (thermal control unit). The MPS4164 is an analogue pressure
scanner that can be used in conjunction with a data acquisition system such as the ERAD4000 or DSM4000.

The MPS4164 is designed to be a direct replacement for Scanivalve’s ZOC33/64 pressure scanner, offering a smaller form factor, improved temperature stability, and achieving higher accuracy standards. The MPS4164 uses the same 15pin electrical connector as the ZOC33, and the CPx valve configuration offers users the ability to use same pneumatic control pressures to operate the valve.

Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director at Evolution Measurement said, “This is great news for our customers who currently use the ZOC33/64 and provides a clear upgrade path. The MPS4164 is a much smaller pressure scanner which can fit into existing analogue measurement systems this reduces the level of tubulations required and can be used in smaller spaces. It is also easily upgraded to the digital version should the customer need to.”

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