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Pressure scanner creating a storm in wind tunnel tests

The digital pressure scanner, DSA 3217 from Scanivalve is streamlining efficiency and data collection for the wind tunnel fraternity.

The Scanivalve DSA (Digital Sensor Array), series 3217 pressure scanners are used within the wall to collect the data. They are rugged, compact and reliable and this makes them easy to install in close proximity to the pressure tappings.

Multi-range calibrations offer application flexibility, each offering up to 16 channels of fully temperature-compensated pressure data, meaning that the system can be expanded quickly and easily with modular architecture.. High speed Ethernet data rates of up to 500Hz/channel maximise the amount of valuable data that can be gathered during a single test run. This data is collected in any desired Engineering Unit, presenting the test engineers with meaningful data for analysis. Shortening test runs can save the user significant time and cost.

digital pressure scanner

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