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Pressure Support for Bloodhound LSR

Measurement specialist, Evolution Measurement, reveals that with their principal, Scanivalve, they are supporting the Bloodhound LSR project with their pressure measurement requirements.

Based in Andover, UK, Evolution Measurement have been working with the Bloodhound LSR team who are aiming to smash the land speed record of 763.035 mph which was set over 20 years ago, by supplying pressure scanners from US manufacturer Scanivalve.

Bloodhound’s high-speed test programme is scheduled to take place from mid-October to mid November 2019. During this period, Bloodhound LSR will be running at speeds up to and beyond 500mph on Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape, South Africa. The speed will gradually be increased with each run as the engineers and driver Andy Green put the car through her paces and learn how to operate safely in the desert environment before the world land speed record runs.

Assistant Aerospace Engineering Professor Ben Evans, from Swansea University, and PhD student Jack Townsend will join the Bloodhound team in the desert to help analyse the gigabytes of performance data from each of the runs. They will be comparing the real data against the predicted Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models to see how closely they marry up. A key aim of these tests is to provide valuable data allowing the refinement of the CFD models, which will in turn improve the accuracy of future modelling. Bloodhound engineers will use the data to validate the next run profile, allowing safe increments in speed as the real vehicle data is compared with its ‘digital twin’.

Evolution Measurement Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, “We are excited to be a part of engineering history. This is an amazing project and we were delighted that our partners at Scanivalve Corp were able to support the team with the technology.

Addison Pemberton, President Scanivalve Corp announced, “Scanivalve is excited to be part of the Bloodhound project instrumentation requirements for this exciting technical achievement and we are looking forward to following efforts in Hakskeen, South Africa through November 2019. Scanivalve pressure measurement instrumentation donated to the project, will be used to survey aerodynamic down forces on the vehicle to ensure safe operation at these very high speeds.”

The ZOC pressure scanner can withstand brutal test environments and its use on this project will really demonstrate its strength and capability in delivering valuable data.”

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