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6530 Teraohmmeter

RESISTANCE Guildline Instruments


  • Bridge Mode and Direct Measurement Mode of Operation
  • Resistance Range 100 kΩ to Over 10 PΩ
  • Bridge Mode Multi-Ratios up to 1000:1
  • Automatic Ranging for Resistance, Integration Time and Threshold Voltage
  • Existing 6520’s can be Upgraded to any of the four NEW 6530 Models
  • TeraCal™ Data Acquisition Software Automates Operation


  • GUILDLINE Instruments 6530 Teraohmmeter Series is the latest innovation in High Resistance and Ultra-High Resistance Measurements. These Bridge-Meters incorporate the latest technology for high resistance measurements providing Metrologists with measurement results superior to that of commercially available Dual Source Bridges. The 6530 Series allows users to make Direct Resistance Measurements as well as Bridge Ratio Measurements up to 20 PΩ with the best uncertainties above 1 GΩ of any commercially available resistance measurement instrument.


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