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64-channel miniature pressure scanner MPS4164 – Analogue

Scanner Scanivalve


  • New valve design provides "isolate-purge"
  • 40kHz data output
  • Double-isolated, ultra-stable pressure sensors
  • Direct legacy compatability with ZOC series scanners
  • Upgradable to Ethernet MPS4264 standard


  • The MPS4164 scanner is built around a brand new ultra-stable pressure sensor. Scanivalve has worked directly with a leading pressure sensor manufacturer to develop a custom packaging solution that allows us to maximize the transducer’s stability and accuracy. One of the significant improvements over the legacy miniature pressure scanners is the new, maintenance free valve design. The valve can be ordered in different configurations; “Normal” (NPx) and “Standard” (CPx). The normal (NPx) version of the valve defaults to the measurement mode and eliminates the need for any control pressure source except when changing the module state into Calibration / Purge mode. This can greatly simplify the system architecture and eliminate the need for multiple valves and a constant source of ‘muscle’ pressure. The alternate configuration, standard or CPx, was designed to allow the MPS scanner to be incorporated into an analog architecture. This allows the MPS modules to be installed alongside legacy products which require control pressure to switch the module into Measurement, and another control pressure to switch the module into Calibration / Purge mode.


Wind Tunnel, Flight Test
The MPS4164 is a unique 64 channel pressure scanner versatile enough to be used for many applications. It is the perfect choice where space is limited – such as wind tunnel models – where it is important to keep tubing length as short as possible. Significant improvements have been made in this next generation product with regard to accuracy when used in dynamic temperature environments. This makes the MPS an excellent choice for flight test or other demanding applications. Also available for the MPS is a Thermal Control Unit (MPSTCU) designed to protect the MPS in harsh environments and provide temperature control when the module may be subjected to extreme temperatures.


More info on the Scanner

The MPS4164 analogue miniature pressure scanner is an extremely compact 64 channel pressure scanner. It has been designed from the ground up with size, accuracy and functionality in mind. Each MPS4164 module incorporates 64 individual silicon pressure sensors, calibration valving, a high-speed multiplexer (45kHz) and an instrumentation amplifiter. Simply, it accepts up to 64 individual pneumatic pressure inputs and converts them to high level electronic signals. It boasts a small footprint, a rugged isolate-purge calibration valve, extremely stable and repeatable pressure sensors and a wealth of other innovative features.

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