Ethernet Control Module ECM4000

Pressure Scanner Accessories



Dual-Core Processor
8 programmable digital inputs and outputs
3 Internal pneumatic solenoids
IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP compatible
Integrated web server


The Ethernet Control Module was designed to support a wide range of pressure measurement system configurations. It provides a single point of communication for multiple pressure scanners as well as a simple solution for managing control pressures to the scanners. The ECM4000 is built around a core function of creating and executing scripts which can include responding to digital input controls, cycling digital outputs, cycling control pressures, sending Ethernet commands, querying pressure scanners or inserting timed delays. These basic functions can be programmed to help support a variety of needs in a pressure measurement system.



Wind Tunnel, Power Generation, Flight Test

A single point of communications for multiple pressure scanners

The ECM4000’s flexible design allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications. It can be used as the ‘center’ of any Scanivalve pressure measurement system. It provides an easy interface to manage the data collection of multiple pressure scanners, automatically orchestrate control pressures to the scanners and provide additional digital inputs and outputs to interface and manage a wide variety of inputs and outputs. The IEEE1588v2 support gives the user the option to provide accurate time-stamping for externally sourced hardware triggers or to use the ECM4000 itself as a external trigger source to the pressure scanners, all synchronized to an IEEE1588 “grandmaster”. The flexibility provided by the ECM4000 makes it an excellent fit in many applications.

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