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miniature pressure scanner 4232

MPS4232 – 32 Channel Miniature Pressure Scanner

Scanner Scanivalve


  • Engineering Unit Data Stream up to 1,000Hz (Samples/Channel/Second)
  • ±0.06% Full Scale, Long Term Accuracy
  • 0 – 100 psi Pressure Range
  • Realtime, Synchronous Scanning
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP Compliant
  • 24-bit A/D Converters
  • Dual-core processor


  • The MPS4000 miniature pressure scanner has been designed from the ground up to be a ‘game changer’ in the world of multi-channel miniature pressure measurement. Scanivalve has spent years developing a product that will exceed expectations where collecting high speed / high accuracy data is paramount, and space limitations are a consideration. The MPS scanner is a complete data acquisition system simply requiring a low current dc power source (5-36Vdc) and an Ethernet connection. It has a very small footprint, TCP/IP connectivity, IEEE1588 support, and a wealth of other innovative features. The entire MPS4000 scanner is built around a brand new ultra-stable pressure sensor.


Low pressure wind tunnel studies
Boundary layer measurements
Automotive aerodynamic studies (wind tunnel or on-car)
Wind and building engineering
Flight performance and testing
Educational and research facilities


More info on the Scanner

The MPS4232 is a versatile scanner, designed for a wide range of applications. It was specifically designed for use in wind tunnel and flight test applications where operational conditions are very space constrained and pressures to do not exceed 100psi. It is also ideal for use in small supersonic wind tunnel models, where the scanner can be installed in the model or test article. This allows the tubing lengths from the testing ports to the module to be as short as possible. The user-friendly interface, simple operation, and low overhead requirements also make it ideal for educational facilities, small research and development projects, automotive testing, and other quick tests with large channel counts.

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