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Pitot static probes

Multi-hole Probe with Standard Geometry Straight, L-shaped, Cobra, angled

Probe Vectoflow


  • Total pressure and pitot static probes are available in 4 different standard geometries: L-shaped, Straight, Cobra, or Drilled Elbow
  • Our pitot static probes are constructed as one-piece and therefore very robust, and can be individually customized to fit your application. As with all of our probes, a range of materials is available including stainless steel, titanium and others.


  • Size: 250 mm (10 in.) standard, custom lengths possible
  • Min. tip diameter: 0.5 mm
  • Head geometry: Elliptical, or TBD by customer
  • Material: Stainless steel, titanium, inconel, high-temperature stainless steel
  • Mounting method; Square, hexagonal, flattened cylinder, or TBD by customer
  • Connections: Standard 1.04mm (0.040 in.) pressure tubes with bulge
  • Temperature range: up to 1000 °C (1800 °F)

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