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Radiator probe

Kiel radiator micro probe 1,6mm Stainless steel

Probe Vectoflow


  • The radiator probe design can be customized to individual requirements and are produced by our innovative additive manufacturing method, allowing great flexibility in design and size. It is recommended to calibrate the probes with respect to the mass flow mounted on the radiator


  • Geometry: special design for minimal blockage
  • Number of pressure holes: 1 total pressure Kiel head (⌀ 1.6 mm) and 1 static pressure hole (Optional thermocouple integration
  • Temperature range up to 250°C (480°F)
  • Mounting method: push fit


More info on the Probe

Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, this is the most advanced miniature probe for flow measurements in radiators.

The tiny radiator probe is great for automotive and motorsports engineers who want to measure mass flow across the radiator in one or several points. This helps to measure the airflow through the radiator in terms of its blockage, but also helps to determine the thermal effectiveness of the radiator in order to establish how much heat the airflow can reduce in the heat exchange process. As with other Vectoflow Kiel heads, the angular incidence of the flow is higher than 50°, guaranteeing precision measurements in a wide angle of incoming flows. The probe can also be equipped with a static port for simultaneous total and static pressure measurements, providing accurate information for flow speed calculations.

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