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Resistance transfer standards GL 1050 Accuracy better than 2 ppm

RESISTANCE Guildline Instruments


  • High Transfer Accuracy ≤2ppm
  • Decade values 1MΩ/step or 10MΩ/step
  • Resistance values 100kΩ to 110MΩ
  • Can be used as a precision voltage divider
  • Very high reliability


  • Resistance transfer standards, designed as very high reliability laboratory grade transfer standards for customers wishing to replace ESI SR1050 series standards.


National Measurement Institutes, Instrument Manufacturers, Calibration Laboratories, Pharmaceutical plants, Military


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Resistance Transfer Standards Very High Stability Calibration Laboratory

Resistance Transfer Standards SR1050 SERIES are designed as very high stability calibration laboratory transfers standards for customers looking to replace the old ESI SR 1050 Series.

The classic look and feel of the original ESI SR1050 Series has been maintained. Actual size and weight are very similar to the ESI model. The switches, binding posts and elements are of the highest quality found in a laboratory instrument. The resistance elements used in the model SR1050 Series undergo the same vigorous testing and acceptance as do the elements found in our primary laboratory resistance standards.

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