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Traceable Calibration of Radiation Meters

In nuclear power generation facilities, the accurate monitoring of radiation is critical. This is typically accomplished through a radiation monitor based on a sensor which produces very small currents with respect to the detected radiation. This current is typically in the range of 0.33pA 100µA . Detected current levels are then converted to mR/hr (MilliRoent gen Per Hour).

A commonly used device to detect such a low current is a Femto / Picoammeter. (A Keithley model 6430 for example).The challenge is to provide sufficiently accurate and traceable low value currents to support the Femto / Picoammeter calibration.

Discover how the 6530 from Guildline Instruments can help provide a traceable reference current generation from 1pA to 10µA suitable for calibration of the Keithley 6430, and subsequently radiation meters.

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