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Evolution Measurement launches Innovative Aerodynamic solution

Evolution Measurement, manufacturer of the revolutionary EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanner, has launched an integrated aerodynamic measurement solution, in partnership with Vectoflow and Meggitt Endevco, to deliver data quickly and accurately, providing engineers with the data they need to make rapid development decisions.

The highly-miniaturised footprint of the EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanner, means that aerodynamic pressure can be measured in a wide range of locations, including previously unreachable locations, such as inside an aerofoil. Combining industry leading custom-made multi-hole probes from Vectoflow with the EvoScann® provides a compact, lightweight, intelligent measurement system for on-vehicle aerodynamic testing. The system is plug-and-play, enabling installation and start-up time to be minimised. The comprehensive range of Endevco piezo-resistive pressure sensors complements this package, offering accurate and reliable performance in extreme pressure applications up to 20,000 psi,

Innovative EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanners continue to impress the automotive industry, proving rugged and robust with excellent measurement performance making them ideal for on-vehicle testing in a growing number of exciting applications, whether on car, truck or motorcycle and from the wind tunnel to the racetrack.

For full details on Evolution Measurement’s range of aerodynamic testing solutions visit here

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