Pressure measurement instruments from Evolution Measurement cover a wide range of applications and our ethernet and intelligent pressure scanners offer market leading capabilities whilst reducing cost of ownership. The miniature pressure scanner from Scanivalve increases productivity, reliability and provides pressure data in range of formats. Pressure calibrators ensure your  pressure scanner is performing to its ability and our comprehensive range of pressure scanner accessories ensure we can attend your pressure measurement requirements. With Evolution Measurement, you can be sure we've got pressure measurement covered.


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Radiator Flow Probe
Radiator Probe Vectoflow
Pressure Measurement Accessories
Scanivalve Accessories Scanivalve
Digital Service Module
DSM4000 Scanivalve
Pressure Measurement System
E-RAD4000 Scanivalve
Miniature Pressure Scanner
MPS4264 Scanivalve
DSA Pressure Scanner
DSA 3207 / 3307 Scanivalve
Digital Pressure Scanner
DSA 3217 Scanivalve
Probe Calibration
Probe Calibration Vectoflow
Kiel probes
Kiel probes Vectoflow
Pitot Static Probe
Pitot static probe Vectoflow
Rakes Vectoflow
Fast Response Measurement Systems
Fast Response Measurement Systems Vectoflow
High temperature probes
High temperature probes Vectoflow
Custom Multi-hole Flow Probes
Custom Multi-hole probes Vectoflow
Multi-hole probes with standard geometries
Multi-hole probes with standard geometries Vectoflow


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