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Calibration – Validating the integrity of your critical measurements

Wind Tunnel experiments are performed to understand the air pressure distribution around a product under development to evaluate and enhance its aerodynamic performance. This is a critical phase in developing a complex system such as a car, an aeroplane, a building or a wind turbine blade to determine efficiency and effectiveness of the developed product as this impacts on its performance, economy, noise pollution, drag and longevity. Essential in understanding the aerodynamic behaviour of such a test article is the use of pressure scanners and other critical instruments.

Most wind tunnel operators are in the business of producing and selling data that facilitate this analysis, either for an internal or external customer. The data can only be as good as the instruments producing the measurement and the methodology behind their use.

In addition to ensuring the instruments are available and reliable, calibration of the instruments is essential in ensuring the instrument performance is known, traceable, accurate and repeatable.

The instrument is defined by its calibration.

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