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Compact Air Data Test Set Soars to Success

The latest Air Data Test Set to come from the respected aviation test equipment manufacturer, DMA, is a huge success with Flight testers around the world.

The MPS43B is the second-generation model of the MPS43 air data test set, the smallest flight-line Air Data Test Set in the world, which now incorporates more features to benefit the operator.

Whilst it still provides a lightweight solution to flight testing, the MPS43B can now be operated remotely via Bluetooth, providing flexibility to the user as to where the tests take place.

Internal battery capacity has increased to supply up to 1 hour operational time when remotely controlled by the MPSRC hand held control or wirelessly controlled by a remote touchscreen terminal, the MPSRW. Additionally, DMA’s ADWIN software can be used for operation from an external PC and an optional Bluetooth control capability is available for use with Tablets or Laptops.

With fully automatic control and user programmable limits, the MPS43B stores up to 30 independent test profiles, each of which consisting of 26 test points. Profile results containing the readings of up to 3 UUTs can be stored from each program, up to a maximum of 300 results.

The MPS43B air data test set is compact with a rugged, lightweight enclosure which meets the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry. The improved flat panel with integral power switch also provides enhanced environmental protection.

Whilst the MPS43B air data test kit is proving very popular, added reassurance is provided with a 2 year warranty. In addition, the pumps carry a 1500hours or 2 years warranty, whichever expires first.


For full details watch the video below:

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