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DMA Aero Launches Cutting-Edge MPS50 Air Data Test Set

MPS50 Air Data Test Set

DMA Aero, a leading innovator in aviation testing solutions, proudly announces the official launch of the MPS50 Air Data Test Set, now available exclusively through Evolution Measurement in the UK and Ireland. This development marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry, bringing state-of-the-art technology to the forefront of air data testing.

The MPS50 Air Data Test Set is a sophisticated and versatile instrument designed to meet the stringent demands of modern aerospace testing and calibration requirements. The MPS50 is a 4 channel, Ps altitude, Pt airspeed and two Angle of Attack (AoA), digital technology portable flightline air data test set. The construction is both rugged and rainproof and housed in a well proven HDPE case that incorporates both wheels and a retractable tow handle making transportation in the working environment simple. The associated auxiliaries of power leads and hoses are contained in an accompanying shoulder bag.

The four pressures are controllable separately and independently: Static and Pitot for altitude and airspeed together with two Angle of Attack (AoA) pressures for aircraft equipped with Smart pitot probes, including side slip testing. The angle of attack pressure is displayed in pressure units with a maximum of 0.0001 inHg resolution. When three or four pressures are not required, AoA ports can be used as conventional Static ports.

DMA Aero has strategically partnered with Evolution Measurement, a trusted provider of high-quality metrology solutions, to exclusively distribute the MPS50 in the UK and Ireland. Evolution Measurement’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge measurement technologies aligns seamlessly with DMA Aero’s mission to provide innovative solutions for the aviation industry.

“We are thrilled to introduce the MPS50 Air Data Test Set in collaboration with Evolution Measurement,” said Mario Buccilli at DMA Aero. “This partnership allows us to bring our state-of-the-art technology to the UK and Ireland markets, providing aviation professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for air data testing.”

Evolution Measurement shares in the excitement of this collaboration. “We are excited to add the MPS50 to our portfolio of precision measurement solutions,” said Paul Crowhurst, CEO and Founder at Evolution Measurement. “The MPS50’s advanced capabilities and DMA Aero’s commitment to excellence make it a valuable addition to our offerings for the aviation industry.”

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