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Utilising ProCap 3D Flow Measurement and Visualization System for Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

Clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry demand precise control of airflow to maintain stringent environmental conditions. To address this, the ProCap 3D Flow Measurement and Visualisation System offers a comprehensive solution, allowing for optimal airflow management within clean room environments.

Overview of ProCap System:

The system integrates advanced sensors and visualisation software, providing real-time 3D flow measurement and visualisation. With its very short setup and measurement time it is ideal for verification, optimisation and trouble-shooting of the airflow. As it operates without smoke or other particles, its application extends to production environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time 3D Flow Measurement:

ProCap captures and analyses airflow patterns in real-time, enabling immediate insights into the dynamics of clean room environments.

  • Comprehensive Visualisation:

The system generates detailed 3D visualisations, allowing users to understand airflow patterns and identify potential contamination risks.

  • Traceability:

ProCap facilitates traceability by logging and storing airflow data over time. This feature is essential for compliance with regulatory requirements and quality assurance.

Application in Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms:

  • Optimising the airflow:

ProCap enables the mapping of the airflow within clean rooms. This visual representation aids in optimising the placement of equipment, personnel, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. As no particles are introduced by the measurement and measurements are competed within a few minutes, ProCap can be applied also in production environments.

  • Contamination Risk Mitigation:

By identifying and visualizing airflow patterns, ProCap assists in mitigating contamination risks. Users can strategically place critical equipment and maintain unidirectional airflow, reducing the chances of cross-contamination.

  • Validation and Compliance:

ProCap’s traceability features support clean room validation processes. The system’s recorded data can be used to identify critical areas, streamlining the validation process.


The ProCap 3D Flow Measurement and Visualisation System offers an efficient solution for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry. Its real-time measurement, comprehensive visualisation, and traceability features make it an indispensable tool for optimizing airflow, mitigating contamination risks, and helping compliance with regulatory standards.

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