4 January 2023

Dual Measurement Resistance Bridge Delivers Best Uncertainties in a Single Device

A new dual measurement high resistance bridge is exciting laboratories around the world with the best uncertainties available.
The 6540 dual measurement resistance bridge from leading metrology manufacturer, Guildline Instruments, has a measurement range from 100 kΩ to 20 PΩ, and provides two measurements mode.
Bridge Mode allows technicians to use a reference standard and multiple ratios for best uncertainty, or Direct Mode allows a resistance to be measured without a reference standard.

Historically, high resistance measurements were difficult to make with low uncertainty due to environmental and EMI considerations, design and limitations of available standards, and complexity of test setups such as using a dual source system. Measurements with a DMM are limited in range, available test parameters, and have higher uncertainties.
Sometimes, manufacturers of similar instruments, develop a system which is closed into a 19” rack, composed of several separate components made by different manufacturers. All these components are connected by cables which can lead to issues.

Guildline has always developed instruments that offer a full modularity to the users without using third part manufacturers.

Guildline 6540 is a single device, all embedded and immediately ready for use. The user doesn’t need any additional instrument or pre-adjustment before starting the measurement. All that is needed is inside the instrument.
The 6540 design eliminates or reduces environmental effects such as temperature, EMI, and operator proximity. It provides two (dual) measurement capabilities allowing users to take full advantage of standards and operator skill levels within the laboratory environment. It also has a low impedance standard which means as you measure higher value resistance, the loading effect of the high resistance is minimized, allowing for much better uncertainty in the measurement. The 6540’s unique temperature-controlled measurement chamber behind the input and source terminals keeps all internal measurement circuitry at a stable temperature. This chamber is also heavily shielded for protection against EMI noise.

The design of the 6540’s measurement circuitry is based on the stability of a single Voltage Source that only requires an annual verification. The configuration of the measurement circuit and the low impedance, provides more stable and more accurate measurements. For life cycle cost considers, the 6540 incorporates a simplified artifact calibration approach, requiring just a single 100 MΩ Standard Resistor and a DMM (i.e. for voltage) with a full calibration required only once every three years.

The 6540 is available from sales partner Evolution Measurement in most European countries. For more details on the Guildline Instruments 6540 dual measurement resistant bridge, full details are available at EvolutionMeasurement.com or call +44 (0)1264 316470

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