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New Miniature Pressure Scanner Launches with Zero Offsetting Capability

miniature pressure scanner 4232

Evolution Measurement are excited to present Scanivalve’s brand-new product: the MPS4232 – Miniature Pressure Scanner.

The MPS4232 miniature pressure scanner represents the forefront of pressure measurement technology. It has been designed from the ground up with size, accuracy, speed, and functionality in mind. This new scanner boasts 32 discrete pressure channels, a small footprint, TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity, an A/D per channel, synchronous scanning, and a wealth of other innovative features.

The MPS4232 electronics are designed around a high performance dual-core processor which can produce engineering unit data for 32 pressure channels synchronously at rates in excess of 1000Hz (samples per channel per second). Onboard flash memory stores the pressure-temperature matrix that allows for the conversion of RAW 24-bit A/D counts to precise engineering unit data over a wide operating temperature (0-70°C).

The goal of the MPS4232 was the provide a high-channel, accurate, all-in-one data acquisition system in the smallest footprint possible. Using the legacy ZOC22b as a starting point, the MPS4232 includes many additional features that make it superior to the legacy ZOC style scanners, including built-in electronics with a dual-core processor, one 24-bit A/D per transducer, Ethernet connectivity, and removable input headers.

The MPS4232 is easy to use and will quickly integrate into your system. There is an integrated web server allowing the user to configure and operate the unit(s) from any device on the network.

Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director at Evolution Measurement said, “The MPS4232 is an exciting development in Scanivalve’s miniature pressure scanner range. It offers greater accuracy, synchronous measurement reading from each sensor and features the dynamic zero capability, which effectively zero offsets every measurement.

This pressure scanner is ideal for wind tunnel testing environments and flight-testing applications.”

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