15 April 2019

Fluid Dynamic Integrated Solution Increases Productivity

A comprehensive range of fluid dynamics measurement solutions has been brought together by the team at UK based Evolution Measurement.

With increasing demands placed on efficiency, the integrated solution takes key components from across the Evolution Measurement product range to improve productivity and performance.

The solution, which combines Scanivalve’s pressure and temperature scanning instruments, Vectoflow’s industry leading, custom-made multi-hole probes, and Endevco’s dynamic pressure sensors, allow operators to gather synchronised, accurate data at superfast speeds. This provides engineers with the information they need to make rapid development decisions.

Scanivalve’s MPS pressure scanners bring a number of truly unique features, including “Dynamic Zero Correction” greatly improving the scanner’s stability over time and temperature. The increase in overall sensor performance reduces the need for zero offset and span calibrations, resulting in significantly reduced test interruptions and down time.

The Endevco piezo-resistive pressure sensors complements this package, offering accurate and reliable performance in extreme pressure applications up to 20,000 psi, ensuring the integrated solution can withstand the harshest of environments.

For full details on Evolution Measurement’s range of fluid dynamic solutions visit here

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