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High Accuracy Multi Point Pressure Scanner with Zero Cal

digital pressure scanner

Evolution Measurement, in Andover, UK, continues to introduce the next generation of intelligent pressure scanners that revolutionise multi-point pressure acquisition tasks in the Gas Turbine and Wind Tunnel industry.

The Scanivalve DSA3200 series pressure scanners are highly developed, versatile, all in-one data acquisition systems with unique time saving and cost effective features with DSA3217 and DSA3218 modules easily configured to specifically fit each unique application.

The Scanivalve DSA (Digital Sensor Array) series 3217 pressure scanner can be used within the wind tunnel walls to collect all the data needed in just one test run, ensuring minimal wind tunnel down time.

Gas Turbines are high value capital equipment, testing is expensive so it’s essential to ensure good quality, valid data – every time.

digital pressure scanner

The Scanivalve DSA series 3217/8 pressure scanners are mounted on a test stand to collect the huge amount of data beinggenerated under test. For stability and security, the scanners are mounted on the test bed “strong back” or “pylon” fixture enabling the tubing to the tappings to be as short as possible.

An internal solenoid valve is utilized for performing quick zero calibrations without the use of a pressure calibrator, whilst other features include intelligent pressure modules, ‘Network Ready’ Ethernet TCP/IP & UDP, 500 samples/channel/second EU, +0.05% full scale long term accuracy, from 0-10”H2O to 0-750 psi pressure ranges, temperature compensated pressure sensors, dual pressure ranges and time stamped data.

Evolution Measurement provide solutions to complex measurement challenges, working with you to ensure your requirements are met perfectly.

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