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Motor Sport Aerodynamic Pressure Scanning – On-car Measurement

It is a very slim margin between a race winning car and second place. Any race engineer in the pitlane will tell you that the difference is tiny and the most important consideration for advantage often lies in Aerodynamics. The skill in gaining downforce for corner performance with minimal cost in drag, the straight-line speed needed for the straights.

Race car aerodynamic optimisation continues to become more important in the search for performance advantage. Constrained by the increasingly restrictive rules of the sports’ governing bodies, the skill of the Aerodynamicist in seeking performance advantage leads to the need for more accurate measurement and analysis – and in doing this better than the next team.

Innovation and experimentation are at their peak in a fast-changing time-constrained environment of motorsport pressure scanning and the best aerodynamicists are much-prized and respected.

Discover how Evolution Measurement have created a solution to improve aerodynamic performance.
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