P8-D pressure scanner

8-Channel Miniature Pressure Scanner P8-D – Differential

Scanner EvoScann®


  • NEW-IMPROVED accuracy to 0.1% Full scale with output directly in engineering units
  • True Differential measurement, shared static reference
  • Lightweight carbon fibre external construction
  • Integral microprocessor
  • Smallest, lightest pressure scanners available
  • CANbus output


  • EvoScann® P8-D provide high accuracy pressure scanning in a compact, rugged package to excel in the most demanding requirements. The lightweight carbon fibre external construction and integral microprocessor deliver accuracy output, which has been improved 5 fold, directly in engineering units, producing data that can truly make a difference to the performance of the test subject. Maintaining the unique, compact dimensions for which EvoScann® is recognised, the P8D is set to improve the accuracy and resolution in aerodynamic testing of a wide range of items from wind turbine blades, to aircraft wings to Formula One cars. *includes the effects of non-linearity, repeatability and hysteresis


On-Car Testing
Wind Turbine


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