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PROCAP Compact



  • Ideal for teaching
  • Easy to use tool for small to medium flow applications.
  • Robust and pre-calibrated Optitrack camera system
  • Calibrated multi-hole digital probe with USB connector
  • Includes laptop with pre-installed software.


  • ProCap is a unique new tool for flow visualization and measurement that combines the ease of use and data quality of a 3D point measurement scan. The area of ​​interest is manually scanned by the user using an instrumented hand probe while the system records measurement data, optically tracks the instantaneous position of the probe, and processes and visualizes the field of interest. real-time flow. This human approach to scanning is very efficient because in areas of large gradients the scanning is refined and no machine learning is required, even for complex geometries. The measured 3D aerodynamic data is accessible in real time, usually on a large screen or projected onto a wall providing good visibility during testing. For further analysis, the data is also available offline using ProCap software or CFD analysis software. The ProCap system consists of the multi-hole probe, cameras, and ProCap software that collects, processes, and displays data and manages communication between components. The software manages the communication and synchronization of the data acquisition hardware (DAQ box), the monitoring and conversion of data with calibration of the probe, spatial interpolation, storage and import/export of data and real-time display of the flow field and model geometry.


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