6 March 2024

Revolutionising Turbine Testing Performance Measurement:

In the realm of turbine testing, precision and reliability are paramount. Engineers and researchers require advanced tools capable of providing accurate data swiftly and efficiently. Enter the Scanivalve DSA5000 Pressure Scanner, a groundbreaking solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of turbine testing with unparalleled performance and innovative features.

Unmatched Measurement Accuracy

At the heart of the Scanivalve DSA5000 lies its unparalleled Accuracy. Equipped with state-of-the-art pressure sensing technology, this pressure scanner delivers precise measurements with an exceptional level of accuracy right across the operating temperature range. Whether assessing the intricate flow dynamics within a turbine or monitoring pressure differentials in real-time, the DSA5000 ensures every data point is captured with the utmost fidelity.

High-Speed Data Acquisition

Time is of the essence in turbine testing, where microseconds can make all the difference. The DSA5000 rises to the challenge with its high-speed data acquisition capabilities, capable of capturing rapid pressure fluctuations with remarkable efficiency. With sampling rates up to 5kHz per channel that surpass industry standards, researchers can delve deeper into transient phenomena and extract insights into turbine performance under dynamic conditions. Couple this with the fact that the DSA5000 is the first scanner of its type to provide individual 24-bit A/D converters and you have the fastest, most accurate instrument available.

Versatility and Flexibility

The versatility of the DSA5000 extends beyond its exceptional performance. Designed to adapt to diverse testing environments and applications, this pressure scanner offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether conducting benchtop experiments in a controlled laboratory setting or field-testing turbines in harsh industrial environments, the DSA5000 effortlessly accommodates various scenarios without compromising on accuracy or reliability.

A ‘quick disconnect’ (qd) option is available allowing all 16 measurement inputs to be quickly separated which allows for quick test setup changes and minimises both time and leak liabilities.

Seamless Integration

Integration is seamless with the Scanivalve DSA5000, thanks to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with a wide range of data acquisition systems. Engineers can effortlessly integrate the DSA5000 into existing test setups, leveraging its advanced capabilities without the hassle of extensive reconfiguration. This streamlined integration process ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity, empowering researchers to focus on what truly matters: pushing the boundaries of turbine technology.

Reliability in Extreme Conditions

Turbine testing often involves operating in demanding conditions where temperature extremes and harsh environments are the norm. The DSA5000 is engineered to thrive in such challenging settings, boasting robust construction and rugged durability. Whether subjected to high temperatures, intense vibrations, or corrosive agents, this pressure scanner remains steadfast, delivering reliable performance when it matters most.

Elevating Turbine Testing to New Heights

The Scanivalve DSA5000 Pressure Scanner is the new global benchmark and stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in turbine testing. With its unmatched accuracy, high-speed data acquisition capabilities, versatility, seamless integration, and reliability in extreme conditions, the DSA5000 redefines the standards for performance and efficiency in the field. For engineers and researchers seeking to push the boundaries of turbine technology, the DSA5000 is not just a tool—it’s a catalyst for progress.

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