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Revolutionizing Wind Tunnel Testing: Introducing the MPS4232 Miniature Ethernet Pressure Scanner

Wind tunnel engineers constantly strive for precision and accuracy in their testing and research endeavours. The success of their projects hinges on reliable data acquisition instruments that seamlessly integrate into their setups. In this regard, Scanivalve has unveiled its groundbreaking MPS4232 Miniature Ethernet Pressure Scanner, a game-changer for the field of aerodynamics. This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ease of use, positioning it as an essential tool for wind tunnel engineers worldwide.

Unravelling Accuracy and Repeatability:

At the heart of the MPS4232 lies its exceptional accuracy and repeatability in measuring pressure at speed. Wind tunnel engineers can rely on this state-of-the-art scanner to provide consistent and reliable data, ensuring meticulous airflow analysis within the wind tunnel. Its measurements are both precise and repeatable, enabling engineers to conduct their research with utmost confidence, accuracy and at the highest resolution. Scanivalve’s engineers also developed a proprietary means of maximizing sensor stability for span and offset. This patented technique of “Dynamic Zero Correction” greatly improved the sensor’s stability over time and temperature. The increase in overall sensor stability reduces the need for zero offset and span calibrations, resulting in significantly reduced test interruptions, wind-off zero conditions and general down time.

Coupled to this, for the first time at this level, the MPS4232 uniquely deploys a 24-bit A/D converter per sensor meaning that there is no multiplexing and that data collection is truly synchronous

MPS4232 pressure scanner

Compact Design, Effortless Integration:

Designed with practicality in mind, the MPS4232 boasts a compact form factor that fits seamlessly into even the tightest spaces within wind tunnel models. Its miniature size not only simplifies installation but also minimizes interference with the aerodynamics of the test setup. Wind tunnel engineers can now focus on their experiments without worrying about cumbersome equipment impeding the flow. The scanner’s lightweight construction ensures that it complements the aerodynamic nature of the wind tunnel, making it an indispensable addition to any testing environment.

Seamless Connectivity and Real-Time Data Acquisition:

Connectivity is key in today’s fast-paced world, and the MPS4232 rises to the challenge. With its Ethernet connectivity, this scanner effortlessly integrates into existing networks, enabling real-time data acquisition. The scanner’s compatibility with standard data acquisition systems further simplifies the integration process, allowing engineers to seamlessly incorporate it into their existing setups.

Versatility Tailored to Engineers’ Needs:

Recognizing the diverse requirements of wind tunnel engineers, Scanivalve has ensured that the MPS4232 offers unmatched versatility. It can adapt to various pressure ranges and configurations, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether the wind tunnel is low-speed or high-speed, this scanner accommodates the needs of engineers with ease. From aerodynamic research to wing design and boundary layer analysis, the MPS4232 excels in every facet of wind tunnel testing.

Dependability in Harsh Environments:

Wind tunnels are known for their demanding conditions, where reliability and durability are paramount. The MPS4232 stands tall in such environments, built with robust construction that can withstand the rigors of wind tunnel testing. Engineers can rely on this scanner for long-term, uninterrupted operation, minimizing maintenance and maximizing productivity.

The MPS4232 Miniature Ethernet Pressure Scanner from Scanivalve is a groundbreaking instrument that is set to revolutionize wind tunnel testing. Its unparalleled accuracy, compact design, seamless connectivity, versatility, and dependability make it the ideal choice for wind tunnel engineers worldwide. With the MPS4232, engineers can elevate their research to new heights, confidently exploring the frontiers of aerodynamics.

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