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The Widest Range Resistance Calibration System

The Guildline Instruments 6622 series resistance calibration system accurately and reliably measures the widest range of resistances in the market today with over 200 of these instruments in the field globally using their unique DCC (Direct Current Comparator) technology to provide measurement at the highest levels of uncertainty.
The 6622 bridge measures 1mΩ to 1 GΩ and can be used in either a fixed or automatic mode of operation. In fixed mode, measurement rate is programmable, updating measurements from every 2 seconds to 14 minutes. A unique computerized measurement mode provides automatic reversal rates, optimizing the measurement rate to the required uncertainty.

Available in a modular design, so the system can be built up as the budget allows or as the application evolves, to a complete, software-driven fully-automatable system.

Used in electric vehicle powertrain development, nuclear test labs and calibration labs around the world, the 6622 resistance calibration system is the product of years working with industry to create the very best measurement instruments.

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