Our range of pressure scanner accessories provide greater variation in power supply,switches and input headers. Dummy models reduce downtime and risk factors when relocating scanners and implementing into new test environments,


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Ethernet Control Module
ECM4000 Scanivalve
32MPS Connectors
32MPS connectors Scanivalve
70MPS Connector
70MPS Connector Scanivalve
Pressure Patch
Pressure patch Scanivalve
Pressure Tap
Pressure Tap
MPS Blanking Cover
PN:20437 Scanivalve
Power Supply
MPSPDM4000 PN:20046-01, MPSPDM4100 PN:20045-01 Scanivalve
Power Supply – 5 Port
PN:20030-01 Scanivalve
Ethernet Cable Options
PN:156091-01 Scanivalve
Power Cable Options
PN: 156085-01 PN: 155625-01 Scanivalve
MPS Plumbing Dummy
PN: 20435-01 Scanivalve
MPS CAL/REF Header Kit
PN: 20463-01(NPx) or 20463-02 (CPx) Scanivalve
MPS Px Input Header Kit
PN: 20462-01 Scanivalve
Thermal Control Unit
MPSTCU Scanivalve
Miniature Ethernet Switch
ES4000 Scanivalve


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