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tilt table

MTG7 Digital 3 Axis Tilt Table

Accessory D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Digital Test Bench for gyroscopic testing
  • Microprocessor based system for movement control
  • Independent control of 3 angles and 3 speeds
  • Remote control via touch screen and keyboard
  • Safety Stop buttons – local and remote
  • Programmable safety limits


  • DMA design and manufacture a wide range of aerospace ground support equipment. The MTG7 digital 3 axis tilt table test bench is a further example of the laboratory testing devices produced by the company. The MTG7 is a fully automatic digital three-axis tilt table. The 400mm square table is able to take loads up to 16Kg. Independent control of all three angular axes and all three angular speeds, coupled with high accuracies and comprehensive safety features, makes the MTG7 a versatile test bench for gyroscopic testing. The metal frame contains the microprocessor based control system and provides mounting for the motors and encoders. The unit under test mounts on to the moving platform. The platform is able to turn around the three axes, X, Y and Z. The structure allows for the platform to move freely inside its maximum limits, in a totally safe manner for both the operator and the instrument under test and without any measurement distortion due to the moving mass.


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Safety Features

A variety of safety features are included in the design. An automatic safety halt feature is included in case any unexpected condition is detected. In addition to the entered safety limits there are panel mounted and remote STOP buttons that immediately cut off the motors’ power supplies. Once pressed, the buttons must be manually reset before operation can continue.

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