MPS45 – Multi Output Pitot Static Test Set


D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


Altitude and speed control in local mode or via iPad or Computer
Multiple output option 4 x Ps and 4 x Pt with channel isolation
RVSM compliant with a recalibration interval of 18 months
Integrated pressure and vacuum generation with 5000 hour warranty
220 or 28 V power supply
Solid carrying case with wheels and retractable handle
Internal battery with 2 hours full operation


The MPS45 is a portable dual-channel Pitot Static Test Set with digital technology. For the airplane tests, the keyboard as well as the touch screen is doubled via a remote control. All aeronautical functions are displayed permanently, locally and on the remote control and there is no need to navigate from one screen to another. The target values ​​as well as the read values ​​are displayed simultaneously. Laboratory tests can also be carried out via a PC connected via RS232. Two independent absolute sensors are used for the measurement of the altitude (Ps) as well as for the speed (Pt). The excellent thermal and pressure characterization of these sensors makes it possible to obtain the best precision without having to wait for a significant heating time. The very good stability of these sensors over time allows a recalibration periodicity of 18 months while keeping RVSM compliance.



Aeronautical manufacturing and maintenance, Avionics instrument manufacturers, Military applications

Built in Safety limits for UUT protection

The MPS45 is designed for maximum safety during testing. Key DMA design features protect both the test set and the systems under test. Negative Qc, a pressure condition of Ps greater than Pt, is prevented in both manual and automatic operation. In the unlikely situation where both AC and internal battery operation is not possible the Unit Under Test (UUT) is safely isolated and can be manually vented preventing instrument and test set damage.

Numerous preset factory or user programmed safe limits are provided to prevent damage to the UUT. These limits can be modified by the user either temporarily or permanently, with password protection if desired.

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